Images © Uday Khambadkone


"Life As It Happens" - Exhibition


This exhibition is currently on display at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, Massachusetts from July 19th till Sep.7th, 2019. 

Artist Statement

I use photography as a means to not only document the world around me but how it makes me feel. My choice of subject comes from a deep sense of love for our differences in culture and people.

“Life As It Happens” is about fleeting moments that I love to gather as I walk past alleyways, busy streets, airports and other public spaces. This series was made during my year long travel in India from Summer of 2014 till Spring of 2015. Through my journey I was rediscovering India my birth place. Traveling through big urban cities to small remote villages, I got to witness festivals on the streets to the daily grind between work and home. A glimpse of life, culture, people and moments.

On the street, I often use a 35mm fixed focal lens to frame my shots. I have used both DSLR and mirrorless systems to do this work. For me, It is more about the process and patience than the right equipment. When I am strolling on the streets, I am drawn by the light, space and the geometry of things around. If all these three things come together, I will spend hours to find the moment. I have trained myself to follow the OODA rule, Observe your surroundings, Orient yourself to be in the right position, Decide on what to include and what to exclude and Act when the opportunity comes through.

Street photography as a genre allows me to experience and enjoy the serendipity of unexpected moments. It allows me to stop time and place and help relive those moments in the future. Through these photographs the viewer can get a glimpse of the culture, fashion, people and place. It is ‘Life As It Happens’.



Life As It Happens Gallery